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There are many companies offering website design services. There are even more companies claiming to offer high-end custom design for incredibly low prices with virtually no turn around time. Although some companies may be able to offer this combination, it is more often than not, very unlikely. Discounted prices can be offered, but many times this discount comes at the expense of the sites originality. High-end design and flashy technology can be powerful tools if used and executed in a manner that complements the site. We promise to make certain that the technology and website design used within the site, compliments your company and satisfies your site needs.

MS offers a variety of web related services and website designs. We offer e-commerce, to portfolio based sites, to database integration, to advertising programs. We pride ourselves in the ability to meet our client’s needs regardless of what they might be.

An ongoing evolution

Website design and development does not end at the site launch. A website requires as much thought and attention after launch, as it did prior to launch. Your site will require software updates, maintenance and the routine modernization (or a “face-lift”). In other words, without this ongoing support, your site risks security and usability threats. We offer ongoing maintenance plans that will support your website well into the future. We can discuss your options during our initial consultation.

What Does A Website Cost?

Since every project is unique, every project will require special consideration. Websites can range from as little as $2500 USD to tens of thousands of dollars. The list of criteria which is used to determine a project’s cost is long and varied. Therefore, it would be impossible to provide pricing, without first having some idea of the project scope and the client’s needs.

You should be wary of companies that offer “discounted pricing”. Many of these companies offer unbelievably low prices, due to the fact that very little original design labor is involved. Also, these companies tend to use templates or pre-fabricated designs that have not been tested or updated. Unfortunately, the use of templates often result in poor loading time and overall usability issues. We test and validate the themes we use.

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