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Consulting – Where it all begins.

A strong durable building begins with a solid foundation. Likewise, solid and thoughtful consulting is the strong foundation for all technology projects. Whether you are considering a new website or a new app, it must start with simple conversation. Often enough, it only takes a couple of hours of focused conversation, to start the process. Within a short time, project goals become clear as well as plans for next steps.

It doesn’t stop there.

Once the project is underway, we continue to provide ongoing technical consulting services. Many times ongoing consultation is required when launching a new software or perhaps introducing new workflows. From training to on-boarding, it is mission critical to consider every aspect and plan accordingly. We can help.

The right questions lead to the right answers.

Over the years, our consulting service has shown to be one of the most valuable services that we offer our clients. It is very common that our clients are very clear as to what problems that want resolved, however they are not as clear as to where to look or what questions to ask. That’s where we come in.

Your out-of-house, in-house consulting partner.

In many cases solving workflow inefficiencies, building a new website, implementing a new software or finding the right technologies to solve your problems requires a dedicated team. This team may play a critical role during the evolution of the project, however may not be a necessary after the launch of the project. Moving Shadows has provided consulting services for both the short and long term.

Start the consulting process

Before our initial discussion, feel free to browse through two articles that we thought did a good job explaining the consulting process.

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