“Eighteen years have passed since I started Moving Shadows, but what inspired me to start the company has not changed. The idea is simple. Approach all opportunities with clear analytical thinking and find the solutions with clean and powerful design. It is a concept that seems obvious, but one that I find is very rarely practiced. I have found that regardless of the project type, a search for simplicity is the key to finding the right solution.

The one thing that I had learned my first day in business is that in order to tell a story in an effective way, I must hear what my client is saying, and hear what they are not saying. To tell an effective story, I need to see myself as a part of my client’s business. Not only do I need to know what their goals are, but also the best path in getting them there. The connections and relationships that I share with my clients is exhilarating and inspiring.”

Telling the story of your business through websites, development and digital marketing.