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Since 2003, we have been helping our clients share their stories with the world. Through web based technologies and creative insight, we succeed in creating conversations between our clients and their audience.

Our mission at Moving Shadows is to become a partner with our clients, and to be an integral part in helping our clients achieve their ultimate goal of success. As a partner we provide clear and concise marketing and internet based solutions that are built specifically for each client. We provide thoughtful consulting in the areas of web design and Software applications, search engine optimization, online marketing, video marketing and branding.

Storytelling approach

From our very first day in business, we understood that there is a need for more “storytelling” when marketing a service or product. Any company can become a storyteller and share with the world their unique and colorful story. This helps captivate an audience and create a connection with a company’s product or service.

Moving Shadows has the insight in creating compelling shadows and stories. Your business will experience growth as we create shadows that are constantly moving and changing to meet your business needs. Whatever the solution might be, we have the insight, experience and technology to assist your business in achieving it’s full potential.


Humans have always been storytellers, but we have also been limited in how we share our stories.
Technology now allows us to share our stories with the world. At Moving Shadows, we can harness that technology and craft your story while also finding you an audience.





Shadow Builder

Shadow Builder

Our App development service offers a wide range of both internal and publicly accessible tools that our clients can use to tell their story. From improving team workflow to better communication with your clients, a custom app can be a critical part of your company’s structure.

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Websites that are developed with a design that helps reinforce our client’s message, products or services. Our portfolio contains a wide range of web based projects with a varying degree of complexity and functionality all aimed at telling your story with clean clear design and highly powerful and effective technologies.

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We have developed a brilliantly simple and effective tool that allows our clients to personalize their outreach efforts. We are very proud of this application and have seen unimaginable results in our clients growth. Visit our Shadow Builder website for more information.

Marketing Videos for Websites




Branding and Marketing


There is no better way to tell your business’ story then with a high quality commercial video. Our video production team comes with years of experience and incredibly talented. We guide the entire process from the initial ideas to final post production. We offer desktop publishing, event coverage, animation photo shoots and much more.

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Our service consulting is one that has evolved over the last 10 years of our being in business. We have discovered that a growing percentage of our clients have a need for services and resources that have typically been reserved only to large-scale businesses with a dedicated “in-house” department or team. We feel that by working with existing effective technologies, we can in turn offer a combination of custom software and internet solutions with powerful measurable results. This exclusive service allows our team to become a part of your team.

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In business, what’s on the outside is as important as what’s on the inside. The image of your company is more often than not, the element that is responsible for giving a first impression. Of course name and reputation can surpass a company’s image, but a positive brand can further enhance a company’s appeal, while a poor image can deter potential clients. We offer branding services that will enhance your company image. Our designs are created to be symbols that can be used with all of your marketing materials. Each design is unique and represents not only the company, but the product, services, and more importantly the people behind the scenes.

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our clients experience

Client Testimonials

“It’s been a few years of working with MSD & I can truly say my business is a better place since they’ve been on board. Not only is their work far and above the norm, their commitment to the projects & project completion is amazing. They are greatly appreciated by myself & staff. Excellent company to work with!”

“If you’re looking to expand your online presence and overall business, Moving Shadows Design is the company you want to partner up with. Their communication and creative vision are excellent. Very knowledgeable & truly care about your business and your success.”

“Moving Shadows has a very professional, communicative and patient team willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer. Operates as a business partner, with commitment, motivation, and enthusiasm. Brings strong technical skills and clearly keeps updating their knowledge base.”

client stories we love to share

We have had the opportunity to partner with some incredible companies over the past 12 years.
We love to share their stories with the world.

my story

A simple idea

Twelve years have passed since I started Moving Shadows, but what inspired me to start the company has not changed. The idea is simple. Approach all opportunities with clear analytical thinking and find the solutions with clean and powerful design. It is a concept that seems obvious, but one that I find is very rarely practiced. It seems that most people find solutions in building additional layers rather then taking away. I have found that regardless of the project type, a search for simplicity is the key to finding the right solution.

The one thing that I had learned my first day in business is that in order to tell a story in an effective way, I must hear what my client is saying, and hear what they are not saying. To tell an effective story, I need to see myself as a part of my client’s business. Not only do I need to know what their goals are, but also the best path in getting them there. The connections and relationships that I share with my clients is exhilarating and inspiring.

John Flagler

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We value all of our clients both past and present, and we are always interested in starting new conversations.
We love to talk about creative and unique projects and look forward to being a part of those discussions. Each new project is an opportunity to develop and grow another long term relationship.